I got this in my Email...

CELEBRATION CONFIRMED NATIONALE POSTCODE LOTERIJ in Conjunction with the Microsoft Corporation Prize Award. This is to inform you that your email I.D attached to Reference NumberIm Withholding this) has won the SuperPostcodePrijs of USD{$} 1.000.000 (One Million United State Dollars) only in the first category of the Award Program held on the 18th February, 2009 in Holland-Netherlands. Do contact the Payment Director for more information on how you are to claim your funds:

I dont want to put the information, somebody might try to claim it instead of me just in case. First time ive ever almost won something this big, I don't want to be stupid about it.

Congratulations once again from management and staff of this company. This Prize Award is sponsored by Microsoft Corps in conjunction with Arcor-Digital TV.de and promoted by the Nationale Postcode Loterij and they are registered and protected by the Benelux trademark law. This involve international promotion prize award and the winning funds will be paid to all winners in United State Dollars (US$) only to meet up with the World standards currency regulations.

Its the NATIONALE POSTCODE LOTERIJ, and I googled it and it seems to be a legit company.

Im going to contact the people and ask about it, and see if its real.

Tell me pit. Am I rich?
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I would normally say it's a scam. However, call them and see what they say. If they ask for any personal info (Social Security Number, bank numbers, etc) then back away. If not, enjoy your money.

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Sounds sketchy but at the same time it's not.
Print out that email and take it to the place where you supposedly won this lottery.
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phishing scam
i get about 3 of those a day
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Go along with it until it asks you for credit card details. If it doesn't it's probably legit.

Try googling the email address of the sender, see what it digs up.

Also, congrats if it's real.
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