A song by Weezer, called "The World Has Turned And Left Me Here" has one hell of a solo. But I'm just wondering if anyone has any idea how during the mid-solo, he was able to go from a low note to a high note within feedback. That seems like a pretty nice effect I'd like to mess around with.

I'm a beginning guitarist, I started 5/6 weeks ago. I originally played piano. To my surprise, guitar is a lot easier than I expected, besides the fact that my calluses rip off every other week. :P Anyway, any responses would be nice!
Oh ****, that's arguably one of the best Weezer songs

Anyway, Weezer's first album was recorded without any pedals or effects other than what came from the amp, according to what I heard. Just play around at high gain, and do some research on controlling pitch of feedback.
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Guess I need to get a new amp with a drive knob or something. :P I just have volume, and EQing options. But huh, that's pretty amazing. I'll probably look around for that here. Google usually has bad results on it, haha.

he couldve gotten the feedback going then turned up the tone knob, adding high end,
but thats me w/ out having heard the song, just an idea
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