I am doing debate evidence for the school team and I truly have no idea what I should be researching. Here is a summary of the bill

"Simple concept really, the bill is pushing for infrastructure jobs to be created to put the unemployed people to work by the U.S. government, paid for by a 1% tax increase on those making $80,000 or more a year. The bill sets aside 400 billion dollars to pay for these workers. "

I dont know what points to research (and I really only need 3 pro and 3 con) and I dont know where to do research on these bills. Help me pit this is due tomorrow and i only have a few hours.

Bill is here and eager to help!
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obviously some pros are: more jobs for the unemployed, a stronger community and nation due to the creation of new infrastructure, and a stimulated economy in the long run.

some cons are: higher national debt at first, slightly more taxes, and the U.S. can't really afford this drastic change at the moment and should be eased into .

hope that helped.
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You dont post that **** in a thread dude, you just dont do that. Research it on your own its not that hard.