Once In the sun kissed desert,
A young man learnt to pray,
Begging for some water,
On another cloudless day,
The skies refused to listen,
How do I escape from here?
Vultures circled his every word,
The scavengers’ pricked their ears,
Madness within a flare gun,
Disappeared without a trace,
Counting every grain of sand,
Blowing in his face,

While in the dainty rain forest,
There’s a damsel in distress,
She’s lost her map and compass,
And got herself in a mess,
She used to love the wild life,
When it was in a book,
But it just isn’t as beautiful,
At a closer look,

Dearest heavenly father,
They murmur to themselves,
I’ve always been a believer,
In sickness and in health,
A miracle the heavens open,
A miracle escape she finds,
But he is just hallucinating,
And she is pretty high,

Betrayed by their Judas,
And every other name,
Just another statistic,
Nobody wanted to save,
Once in the sun kissed desert,
A young man passed away,
While over in the rain forest,
A damsel goes the same way.
And Like That. He was Gone.

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