These are some lyrics I wrote a while ago, I wanted to see what other people think before revising them. I especially think the second verse needs touching up. c4c.

"What We've Done"

Verse 1:
Where did you go
Between your dreams and here
Out to sea you rowed
Your destination unclear

What did you find
In the land of paradise
Was it all in your mind
Did it make you think twice

The times we reminisced
About days yet to come
We just need more time
To do what we've done

Verse 2:
How did it feel
Accomplishing your goals
Could it have felt more real
Are we getting too old

When will it shape
Into the fruits of our desire
Was it too big for your plate
Did you lose that fire

Chorus again
Pretty simple, little cliche.
Only advice i can think of is this, if you write this song the chorus is just gunna sound like another verse, try a different structure with your chorus is what i say.
And try not to force structure too much.

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