Can anyone describe to me what each of these means, because I hear about them a lot when people are talking about different amps and guitars and I never really understood what they meant...




Scooped Mids-
Midrange- same as mids...

Presence- how bright or warm depending on how you set it

Mids- what adds the classic in your rock

Scooped Mids- that metal sound when you mainly hear a heavy bass and high treble tone
midrange and mids are the same thing. its for EQ which is how much treble middle and bass you want. high treble makes its more ear pinching, high bass is more rumbling. middle is in between. scooped mids is turning the middle off so you just have lows and highs. its a pretty common setup for guitar amps. presence is like potential volume.
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There is a sticky that answers all of this.

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