lets say i have a 112 cab and 1 speaker.

its just the cab gutted just wood.

so the ? is what do i need use the speaker.
use the speaker for a fridge magnet! =D
just kidding.
you need a amp head to hook it up to.
I'm the musical equivalent of driving a Sherman tank to work.
Uhm. Come again?
What I managed to get from that is what you need to use the speaker.
You need wire, a 1/4" jack and a speaker, of course.

OH! That's what he meant. Yeah, you need an amp head to run the speaker (or you can use a power amp, etc?).
yes i have an amp head.
and no cab .
classic 30.

could you take me in a step by step process so i could just come to this later.

or a link to where i can get this stuff.

probly just the hardware store i bet.
i just want to play the damn thing already.
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Well. First you need to disconnect the speaker from the chassis. Then you attach the wires to a 1/4" female jack by soldering. Then you have a cab. But you have to make sure the speaker can handle the head, as well as the ohms of the speaker and the head.

The 1/4" jack

and the wire can just be any audio wire.
But again, make sure the ohms are compatible(sp?).

Found a tutorial
Good luck.
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exactly what kind of wire is standard for guitar speakers.

wow really basic ****.

im just ganna use my old VOX 50ad as a cab because money is tight then ill upgrade speaker and then cab one day.

baby step by baby step.

EDIT:thanks so much man, you have no idea how relived i am now, no more dreamin about playing my amp, hopefully by the end of the week ill be playing my classic 30 i got on craigslist for 300.
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