Ok I am currently looking for a new guitar. I have kinda had my eye on the LTD Kh-602
but after reading lots of reviews I'm not really sure if thats what i want. If there is another guitar that is better please let me know. But I'm looking for one with a Floyd Rose and 24 frets if possible.

(p.s. I play lots of Metallica thats why i thought the 602 would be good.)
Head on over to a local guitar shop and try some out, that way you'll know what best suits your playing style and preferences before you spend money.

EDIT: Sorry if I'm slightly jacking your thread, but I have a quick question:

How the hell do you set an avatar? I can't figure it out for the life of me.
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^only with teh skillz, only with teh skillz...
The Best Floyd Rose Is A Setup Floyd Rose!

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Whats bad about the 602? If you think the KH won't work, neither will the M, cus the KH is a modded M basically.