I’ve been a member here for only a short while. What I’ve noticed, to my despair I must admit is the lack of honesty in here!!! I’ve listened to many tracks & the vast majority is quite awful IMO!!! & yet I see people replying with things like: “yeah it’s great man keep it up” or words to that effect & yet it’s complete sh*t!!! C4C???? I think it’s more like: “say something nice about me < 4 > I’ll say something nice about you”!!! this is bad & cruel in some cases imo because it gives people a false sense of security!!! I’ve been teaching guitar & music programming for a long time if someone aint got it.. they aint got it period & need to be told, for their sake!!! Yeah I know I know<< what’s crap to one individual is brilliant to another>> but I feel my general point still stands! I’ll probably get me ass ripped for this but I feel the need to say something, for what its worth.

Please I’m not doing this for you to click my page!!!!!! I’m genuinely kinda worried about this kind of approach & feel it can be quite dangerous….. I’ve seen **** happen over the years.

Thanks for listening…….

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I’ve been teaching guitar & music programming for a long time

I think this is a lie...
grok it.


Listen to jazz, it's good for you...