can any one give a good advice? id really appreciate it, maybe, what software should i use (im thinking in photoshop but im not sure) just tell me and give me some tips, itd help me a lot
sign up at any digital art forums ( for example, nationalsigleague )
Go to the sub forum - requests.
Request your logo by a pro digital artist.
Get a sick logo.

If you want to do it yourself, get photoshop, look for tutorials on the pen tool, and after a few months of practicing, you should be able to make a decent logo...
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Après avoir crevé par accès de furie
Ta replète panse d'helminthes blancs nourrie,
Trop prompte à déféquer le fruit d'un vit sanieux.
yeah, photoshop (or GIMP) when I do logo stuff I usually draw it out by hand and then scan it and colorize it digitally, drawing with a mouse sucks.
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