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#1 old friend asked me to join a band that is essentially an Incantation worship band. So, for the whokle of today, I've come up with my first rough draft with my friend's lyric segments in there. Obviously a bit old school lyrically, but the music is intense, in my opinion.

It sounds best with RSE because it has a production and snare we are looking for.

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Thats some great stuff you have got there. I'm not even a big doom fan and I find this amazing, possibly due to the heavy death metal influence in a handful of the riffs.

For critiquing, there wasn't much that caught my eye. I'll start off by telling you the definite high points of the song XD. I loved the second portion of the "Pre-Doom" section, crazy riff there. All the doomy parts owned as well. My least favourite part of the song is the "'Banger Verse". I feel it didn't fit in overly well, but vocals might fix it, who knows.

Overall great song, 9/10
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That was pretty sweet. Only thing I wasn't too keen on was the headbangers part... I thought that could have been more interesting.

If you get this recorded... let me know.
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It is good. Very 'genre'y, but not a bad thing (meaning I can imagine bands doing it, nothing ridiculous or anything). I agree with the banger part, I'm not a fan, though I don't think it sounds out of place. I think the ending could have been more br00talz or something (a "doom"y type breakdown of mainly chromatic and quarter notes, type deal).

But yeah, the only thing that I really didn't like was that china. RSE's china (and most china that isn't in the form of Cute Chinese Girl or Chinese Food bothers the heck out of me)
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