I am by no means a Metallica fan but I listened to this album and thought it wasnt bad. Am I the only person who feels this way? I have honestly not heard ONE SINGLE person like this CD. Keep in mind, like I said, I really hate Metallica, but this album is kind of catchy. DOES ANYONE LIKE THIS CD BESIDES ME?
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they have some alright songs on it as just the songs.
but for metallica, its really really really really ****ty.
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My mom craps out better sounds than St. Anger
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I dont mind. People have differnt tastes. And I know, the drums and guitar were out of tune, but it was still kind of catchy.
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It's kinda like what Vol. 3 was to Slipkot or even AHIG. It's a good metal album, just not a good Slipknot album. Or even good to newer fans.
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My mom craps out better sounds than St. Anger does.

I lol'd.
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I'd like it if it didn't have such a ****ty snare sound.
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To be honest I kinda liked it when I got it.
Now I can't stop laughing at it:

█████ █████ █████ █████ █████ █████ █████ █████
█████ █████ █████ █████ █████ █████ █████ █████
█████ █████ █████ █████ █████ █████ █████ █████

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lol lol lol lol
lol lol lol lol
lol lol lololololololololol
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I liked one or two tracks thats it
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i think its terrible

and im not talking about you, but i think that 99% of the people who claim to like it are doing it only because the majority hates it
i don't mind it.

it's not a bad album in general (compared to other stuff out there), but its just a horrible metallica album in comparison

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