Ok so I wanna buy a new guitar. I've been looking at the American standard strat. Great guitar, don't get me wrong. But, I like a laquered neck and on the 2008-2009 American Strats they're satin urethane finish.

Ok so here's the real problem. I'm looking at the American Vintage ‘57 Stratocaster which has the kind of neck I like "glossy" but it's a "V" neck. I'm playing a guitar with a "C" neck right now. So will a "V" neck throw me off?

EDIT: if it helps I just noticed that when I play open chords my thumb hangs over the top of the neck. When I solo my thumb hangs over. But When I play bar chords i'm pressing the back of the neck. iono **** why can't they just have the american strat with a gloss finish or the american vintage with a C neck !!! lol
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