Figured I'd make a separate thread for the completed version of the song since it's grown rather substantially since it's last posting.

Anyway, this is intended to be heard with RSE on, but I have done my best to include a good mix for those who don't have or don't like RSE. Still, the RSE mix is dramatically better.

The only thing I'm not really happy with at this point is the final solo. For some reason something seems to get lost in translation. Not to mention it's nearly impossible for me to tab the legato like I'm really playing it.

Thanks to Madzää for some great ideas for the drum track, although I may have taken them and gone a little overboard.

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like the intro chords, cool bassline. there's a lot of guitars, but it works. i thought it would sound like messy to be honest, i was like wtf, how can he get a recording of this?? and i listened to the song on your profile, and it's good. i liked when the harmony guitar came in. the lead guitar is good, i think it goes with the earlier riff well.

i liked the "scratchy" guitar in bar 46. the lead also works well. good transition to the second solo on bar 62. the scratchy guitar on 73 was kinda cool, like to mix it up instead of a longer solo.

good idea to go back to the beginning parts, i liked it. it was a solid transition to the next solo. it was cool when the solo started to get faster. it was a nice change from the more i guess melodic solos, the speedy part mixed it up, i liked that.

ending needs some work though. based on the other parts, you expect another part to come, and it just ends. like when i listened to your recording, it just felt like it cuts off. i would do an outro, or something. because it doesn't feel resolved to me, it just ends.

but this is a good piece, i liked it. there's a lot going on, but it doesn't feel like too much. you have so many guitars, but you pull it off well. there's a neat little bassline too, even if there's a wall of guitars that your attention is focused on. but you notice the bassline too if you listen for it. this song reminds me of smashing pumpkins, just with the guitar focus, and the solos kinda felt like that to me. just the fact that you have so many solos is sp-like. that's tough to pull off all those solos, it's like hangar 18 or something. in conclusion, good tune, work on the ending. it doesn't feel completed, it's too abrupt. but i dig the song, very nice. sorry for waiting so long to crit, just been kinda busy.
It would help if sections were labelled so I could go into detail on each part, I'll try my best though.

The progression in the intro as really cool. The leads were a good addition, if not a bit overpowering. But that might just be how MIDI makes it sound. But however you look at - Good use of layering guitars.

The leads at 22 were really nice & catchy.
I forgot to mention the drums are really good aswell, they hold everything together nicely.

The solo that starts at 30 (I think) was okay, not really my 'style' (Instrumentals have never done too much for me) but it's alright.

I really like the progresion at around 46, that has a really cool vibe to it, the octaves on the overdriven guitars really add to it.

The lead at 62 was awesome, reminded me a bit of Slash's solos. It kind of sounded a bit 'epic' aswell. I really liked all the lead guitars in the background aswell, I didn't even notice them at first.

The lead at 90 was okay, by now the song is getting a bit boring and repetitive (spelling?!) and the 'shreddy' type fast parts didn't really fit in my opinion. Also, the octave stuff, like at 104 is getting boring. Maybe try harmonizing that part in 3rd's or something, just to spice it up a bit, or maybe even thirds aswell as the octave.

The fade tied it up nicely and bought everything to a nice end.
Overall, great job. It just got a bit boring near the end.

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Love the beginning lead part with the harmony. In my favorite mode, too, ^_^. Mixolydian? Anyway...

Love the part at bar 46, as well. The buildup at bar 61 is fantastic.

However, around bar 100 it starts to get stale. It IS kinda the same thing all over again, which gets a little stale. The leadwork is still great, but my ear wants something more.

Regardless, it's solidly great the whole way through. It's just sort of the same two or three themes throughout, you know?

Kudos, though. Sounded very... mystical. flight-y. XD
That was plain awesome, love the lead guitar throughout the whole song. The solo was good aswell, it's quite long but it didnt get boring since it has pretty much variety in it. I didn't quite like the outro though, maby it's just because fadeout's arent really my thing, but in overall I really liked this one, even though I'm not really used into listening to this kind of music. 9/10

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Sorry I can't offer any crit...
But bloody hell that freaking rocks, id go as far to say that that was the best piece ive ever heard on these forums, I genuinely couldn't fault it. All the components went so well together, that was amazing . The drums were awesome aswell

Like I said, sorry i can't offer any crit, but i can't find anything bad or constructive to say
Very chill acoustic Intro
I like when the lead kicks in adds to the chill feeling
The harmony makes it seem prepared to get less chill and more rock out
And here it comes :]
Lovin harmony 2
acoustic rhythm and capo are sweeeet and lead just keep gettin better dude. Sick.
bar 22 solo intro thing is so sweet dont change it
I love the solo but the shreding at bar 33 is kinda below the rest of the song
Im not getting bored of this at all haha
Bar 46 I think it sounds better if u let hold the lead.
Bar 47 - 61 was one of the most bad ass mood changes i've ever heard.
going into the solo after that sorta mood change was a great idea. Beautiful
REALLY awesome until 97-99. the solo was a little meh here.
100 and on is just beautiful until the end
Great song though.

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There are a lot of great thinks in it like the solo at bar30, or the whole piece from bar45 to 60 and the following solo, but at all i think there are to much guitars at the same time. It gets kind of messy and to follow more than 2 or 3 riffs is really hard. The riffs are all well done, but you cant concentrate on them, because they are all at the same time. This might be okay for some, but I think it might be better to take on of the guitars out of the mix. Thats only for me, though.

As I stated above, your riffs are really great and fit well together. So, I'd give you an 8/10, because its to messy for my taste.
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Quote by OrangeWalls
As I stated above, your riffs are really great and fit well together. So, I'd give you an 8/10, because its to messy for my taste.

Messy how so?

There are never really more than 2 riffs playing at the same time aside from that part from 46-62, and for that specific part, you've got the acoustics setting the chord progression, you've got one electric doing a steady rhythm part that compliments the acoustics, and the other two are doing a call and answer type melody.

Most of the time though, all the guitars are essentially doing the same thing in slightly different ways, so I'm not really sure how that makes it messy. In a lot of cases you're really only meant to hear the lead anyway, and the rest is just backing to set the mood.

Buuut anyway, thanks for the crits so far... I'm definitely dropping out that 3rd solo in favor of something a little more melodic, and the melody after the second solo is going to be beefed up a little to keep it fresh, also the fade out part is also going to change slightly, with the lead guitar kind of just jamming on the octaves until the song ends.