I'm pretty new to guitar, about 3 months. the trouble I seem to be having right now is up-strumming chords like I have no trouble strumming down but coming up I always seem to grab too much of the strings and it doesn't make work smoothly. If that makes sense, and advice? light gauge picks perhaps?
Get a thinner pick may I suggest?

I use a .38mm and it works wonders for me.

(Although I can also play with a "medium" (lmao, whatever size in mm that is...) nowadays... when I first started I had issues up picking with thick picks so my cousin gave me one of his spare .38's)

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yeah that's what I thought would help. thanks! are there any picks that are generally considered best or worst? or is that all just preference?
I would say preference. I use a wide variety of picks ranging from .38 to 2.0's, all different brands, etc.

My .38 (personal favorite) however is a Jim Dunlop, Nylon pick. Has lasted months with only being 'eaten' a bit from pickslides, and I have a horrible habit of very lightly chewing on it throughout the day. Still plays like the day I got it

My favorite medium's are Sam Ash "Medium" lol

Those are the 2 I use 99% of the time, unless I just don't happen to have them on me.

Please add me if as a friend I helped! (I like to think I'm a friendly person)
Just relax your arm and make it a fluid movement, you do not have to hit all the strings either, that might be whats stopping you, hope that helps
^^^^ This.

Just aim to catch the treble strings and relax your arm as has been said.
yeah, absolutely try a diff pic. I'm a beginner as well and had been using a really thick, hard fender pic, then switched to a .73 dunlop tortex. i was immediately able to strum up without catching too much string. get a thinner pic and it helps even more. find a shop that sells pics individually and grab a variety to see what you like best.
Its mainly down to practice. If you keep trying you will find eventually you find a way to do it that sounds and feels good. Try doing it at a lower speed and gradually speed up. I play with 0.96 pics and unless you are playing with very thick pics you should have no problems at all once you get going.
Just for the sake of being sure you are ok with your picking style. Is your pick normally upright to the strings? See, if you lay the pick a bit to get a gentler sound on downstrokes, then it will 'hook' the strings on the upstroke. Using a softer pick might only mask a developing problem, so be sure you are doing it right. Another beginner fault is to hold the pick too firmly. It is supposed to flex in your fingers as it hits the strings.
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I (embarrassingly enough) have problems with this too.

I looked at Back in Black as a new song to learn (it's a beginner song, supposedly!) and almost threw my guitar off the balcony as I struggled with the basic up strumming and pull offs!!

But strumming upwards does seem like the sort of thing that is perfect to just practice in front of the TV. I remember I was very clumsy on the downward strumming for a day or two too. So I'm sure it's just practice.
It will be to start off with when you try upwards strums you will end up poking the pic into the strings, getting the pic stuck in the strings and having all sorts of problems with how hard / soft you do it. After some practice it will get easier and then you will soon do it without thinking about it.
Just loosen up a bit and make sure you arent putting to much pressure on them like everything else go slowly at first to get a feel for it
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It's just practice, one moment i couldn't strum the next i could, i can't even remember any transition.
And dont let the strumming pattern dictate your hand movment, you hand should be moving at all times IMO, missing the strings when you need to.

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