I'm getting a Record Player for my birthday in a few months so I need some records to go with it. I got the ones my dad left but that's about it. Seeing as I live in the middle of nowhere, I gotta get them online. I've Googled but I'm not sure whats legit and whats not. Any suggestions? If all else fails I'll go eBay but I'd rather stay from there as long as I can.

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Seriously. I got a full Led Zep Discography at one. Well. All the Vinyls anyway.

I quote "I love in the middle of nowhere." Our closest GoodWill is like a 45 minute drive. It's a full day's event to get up that far. But I will be checking out those sorts of places if I'm up near there.
Online is your best bet, most bands sell their Vinyls online.
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Any music shops around you? Not big chain stores, but small local music stores? Those usually have vinyls. But most of mine I got off of eBay.
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Their all going to be reprints (which are lame) at the bands website, you're best bet is eBay for authentic old school vinyls. I lived by a place in Tulsa and bought the whole Zeppelin discography, most of Black Sabbath and a handful of pink floyd albums. The coolest album I own is Zeppelin 3 with the spinning wheel that changes pictures. So freaking cool.
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eBay, craigslist, amazon.. And don't forget you need an amplifier with a phono input or a separate phono preamp between your player and amp.

I bought a Pro-Ject Genie RPM1 online, my first record player and it should be here later today.

Oh and btw there's an Official Vinyl/LP thread
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if you want some electronic music, lemme know. but you prolly want rock so i've got no idea.
I had a rather large amount of vinyls till my RV got stripped, you can usually find loads of them at garage/yard sales for incredibly cheap.