I know this isn't a techie place, but I figured someone might know how to solve this problem.

It's a motorola

Good bat. - fully charged

good bars

over 100 min, and 300 service days.

calls can be recieved

But no calls can go out, sais call failed.

Anyone know the problem? (it's the non-flip vs.)
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oi, the pitsters strike again, lol....

guess I'm one now....


anyone got some real help? or is this just gonna get sh*ted all over by the pit-crew?
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What the hells a tracfone?
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Go into Settings. Mess around with "Phone Settings" and "Call Settings"

I'm assuming you have a privacy feature set that you can't make outgoing calls, but can still receive incoming calls. If not, you may want to call customer service(find number on internet) and see if they can figure out your problem.

Assuming you have access to another phone other than your's.
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