Ok, I've always wondered how players just thrash away at the strings when they're strumming powerchords, but still manage to obtain the sound of the powerchord without the other strings interfering. For example just look at this video of a cover of 'All The Small Things' (as if you haven't heard it enough times already >_>


Just in the intro when he's strumming the C, A, and G powerchords, he's just strumming up and down through all 6 strings, but when I play I just focus on the 3 strings I'm supposed to be hitting!

Do you have to mute the other strings somehow with your palm? Or do you just have to learn to hit the right strings precisely to play like that (I figure it'd be pretty hard when strumming chords inbetween strings 6 and 1)? Thanks a heap you guys
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you can mute the strings with your 1st finger by resting it on all the strings making them muted except the note you want to be playing of course
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He mutes the other strings with his left-hand fingers, I'm almost positive. The lay across the higher strings when he forms the chord.
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You can either mute the rest of the strings with your palm, or learn how to move your picking hand so you only hit the strings your holding. I'd go with the former.
thats strange, we're talking extreme mutation, mute-ation that is hyuk yuk, mute the rest with your fret hand, if your root is on the A string mute the low E with your middle finger and the B and E strings, with your index like a bar chord. same if the root is on the low E just bar your index on the higher string without pushing down on the frets.
Learning how to hit only the strings you want too when picking will end up giving you better technique and make you a cleaner player in the long run. He sucks so bad at guitar he just has to look like he's doing more than he really is. Your method of hitting only the strings you need to is the "right way" to do it.
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you can mute the strings with your 1st finger by resting it on all the strings making them muted except the note you want to be playing of course

+1, i mute the other strings with my fingers. its really not as hard as it seems.
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Mute the strings your not playing with unused fingers on your left hand.