only song in my profile.....................tell me if you love it / hate it
will C4C
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-Something is peaking in the recording (the popping)
-Turn up the snare, bass drum, toms (if any?). All I hear is the high hat
-Tapping solo is sloppy.

I like the overall feel of the song though. Very cool.
I didn't cry, lol.

I like songs like this a lot, kind of a vamp held through the whole thing. I tend to do that myself.

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Ahh... the beginning is good but when the drums come in, the rhythm sounds really awkward. The other guitar sounds rhythmically out-of-place too. When the drum pattern changes the song gets a lot better. The drums sound disappointingly weak, though. Like mentioned the track is clipping, so you might have to use a limiter when you're mastering the track. The last solo was really sloppy and didn't fit at all. Some good melodies ideas here, though.

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