Hey guys,

I've decided that it's time i get a new amp. I need one for gigging, so it has to be reasonably loud - somewhere in the vacinity of 80 watts and up. My budget is anything up to about 2000 australian dollars. I'd like a stack, rather than another combo amp. I guess it's for looks, but yeah I guess I'm just sick of combo's amps and stuff like that.

The music we play is blink-182, angels and airwaves, sum 41, greenday, goldfinger, the living end, and similar music. We also have a lot of our own stuff which resembles blink 182 but a lot less punkish probably, and a lot more alternative style mostly.

I have an Epiphone Dot 335, with a Gibson Dirty Fingers Humbucker installed in it.

Any replies would be helpful.
and becuase i dont need a stack doesnt mean i dont want one :P. not a full stack, just a head and one cab. my friend is getting a vox one that costs 1000 aussie dollars. i dont want that one so im looking around. thanks for suggestions so far.
The only half stack I know around that money is the Kustom WAV 100 but dunno if you can get them in Oz. Nice spec, though.
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