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For the Palomino V32, I heard somewhere that on the clean channel only two of the preamp tubes are on, and when the OD channel is on the third preamp tube kicks in. Is that a fact or is it false?
My main question is this... If I put two Tungsol 12AX7's in the first two slots, and a High Gain JJ 12AX7 in the third, will I have better cleans because of the Tungsol's, but still get a lot of gain with the high gain JJ when I kick in the OD channel? I just replaced all the tubes, and all three preamp tubes are the high gain JJ's, and it just seems too dark/muddy for me. I have the treble all the way up, the bass at a tad above three, and the mids almost all the way up, and it's just noisy and muddy... someone said that the high gain tubes would be noisier, and I didn't heed that warning very wisely, and now I'm left with an annoyingly loud OD channel.

So will the Tungsol's clear/brighten up my clean channel AND overdrive channel?
Will the Tungsol's take away a lot of that annoying noise?
Is it okay to use different brand preamp tubes together?

Thanks guys.
You can put whatever wherever. The effect of the tube brand is...noticable, but not earth shattering. Just try it out and see if there's a combination you like best.
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