i remembered part of a movie today but i cant remember what the title is. the part i can remember is this deliquent teen setting fire to something in a backyard but theres an accident and he gets set on fire and someone comes and puts him out. he wakes up in the hospital. anyone know what movie im talking about? thank you
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Backyard Accidents: When Being a Delinquent Teen Goes Wrong.

I never thought it could go anywhere besides Oh So Right.
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What's that one movie?

Ya know, the one with that one actor, and that one scene.
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There's a part like that in Butterfly Effect... thats all I can think of
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There's a part like that in Butterfly Effect... thats all I can think of

That's what I was thinking too...

When he wakes up, does he only have stubs for arms?

The lead actor in the movie is Ashton Kutcher if that helps
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the movies before the year 2000. the kid who set the fire was wearing denim. he was a grease ball kid too.

edit: it was not the butterfly effect

Umm... not sure really...

I'm gonna take a quick guess. The outsiders?

Meh.. I'm goin' to bed