So my bad got to record to songs of ours in a guys basement we know that has a nice recording set up...these are the first 2 songs we've done.

We just ran through them once or twice with all the music and then against once or twice with the vocals, nothing too complicated.

Anyway, just looking for some constructive criticism. Here is the link...it's the only two songs on there.


sounds good....the pictures creep me right the **** out though....vocals could maybe use some work on "wake up"
Everything needs a bit of tuning, bass in particular.

Not a bad idea and feel though, the concept is definitely there.

And those pics are beyond awful lol
I'm liking the bass on "Wake Up."

The fuzz on the guitar is too much though imo, the 'barely-intelligeble' aspect of it is cool during the chorus, but its too much during the solo.
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