I'm looking for a tuner and metronome to use to tune my double bass. Obviously, the tuner would need to have a microphone. Anyone know which tuner has a good microphone?
Boss TU-80. Survived everything. This damn thing is unbreakable. + it's very accurate. Definitely the best thing I bought since i started playing guitar
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for my electrics i use a plug in pedal tuner.

for my acoustics i use this

because i cant always count on everyone shutting up so i can tune up.

this uses headstock vibrations, not a mic.

ive tested it against my korg pitchblack, seems dead on.

ive had it 2-3 years still works fine, plus it folds up and fits in a pocket.

id only get one if i didnt need it for double duty.
i guess i'd use a korg chormatic tuner if i was mostly tuning electrics and needed to plug in.

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