So I just slapped some ridiculously heavy stings on my guitar and tuned it like the low strings of a seven string. I'm learning the Dark Eternal Night by DT. Other than that I haven't listened to much 7 string music at all. Any recommendations for a fan of mostly EuroMeloDeth? lol. I'm also eager to hear songs that are as riffy and technical as Dark Eternal Night. Thanks!
Spawn of Possession and Nevermore. Beneath the Massacre has some 7 string stuff I think, at least on some tabs I've seen.
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I really like stuff like Ambivalent and I Voyager. Any others like this I should be aware of?
Why not try putting it a bit further down and Learn 'These Walls' by Dream Theater, Drop A i believe although i could be wrong
If you like Metalcore, Unearth plays 7 Strings, and so do a ton of Deathcore bands, but Deathcore's Deathcore so yea...