Hey if anyone has an old wah (preferably crybaby or wah or something that wont break if i stomp on it) or an empty shell, I'd like to buy it

I don't wanna spend more than 50AU so if anyone could help me that would be great.
I have one you maybe interested in I am just not sure how much it would cost to ship down under.........any ideas?????
What would be the weight in a box roughly? I understand that int shipping might be a bit more and i'm willing to fork out if i have to. If you can give me the weight i can calculate shipping off fedex or usps.
Ok not letting me edit.... would it fit in this


the small rate box? If not then don't worry, as you can see the difference between small and medium is huge.
This is really annoying me, it looks like that package would work if you can take the moving top off and put it in at an angle, if you do decide to do that, make sure it'll fit before buying.
I just checked and it is rivited in sorry man.................and it's not a wah it's a dunlop high gain volume (passive)