Yeah I know he is kind of cross hip hop/indie but this seems like the right place to put it. So panic prevention aint a bad first effort personal favourites would have to be sheila, operation and salvador. His accent can at times be a bit too much but you embrace it with the music. So anyone here love him/like him/loathe him?
She Had An Abortion That She Made Me Pay For
I think he's one of the best songwriters in England today. His debut should have won the Mercury Music prize ahead of that ****ty Klaxons effort. Can't wait for his sophomore.
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I like, I do indeed
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accidentally saw him live at a little festival in cardiff maybe 3 years ago. 65daysofstatic were meant to play but he showed up. it was a confusing time.

sheila was catchy. his billy bragg cover was alright, but not a patch on the original. aside from that ive kinda steered clear.