So yes, this sunday night will be my first gig. I've joined an established band (old school friends) as a second guitarist and we're topping the bill of 6 bands as a St Davids Day celebration in Swansea. Exciting stuff but I'm bricking it already.

Here is a link to the venue website: www.milkwoodjam.com/gigs
And our Myspace: www.myspace.com/stonefreeband

So, UG what are your tips?

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Rock out. Loosen up. HAVE FUN on stage. Nobody likes a band that doesn't move or make a show.
look like your having fun. nothing worse than a band who looks like they dont want to be there. move around but dont be gay, just wander lol something like that
if you play a heavy song get a simeltaneous headbang going lol .
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