Toshiba 1080p full on HD definition blah blah for £420 or go for the £320 Toshiba which is HD ready but less pixels/colour contrast blah blah,, i'm stumped between expensive and shiny and what i actually need not really expecting a valued response here but thought i'd throw it out to you guys in my boredom
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Will you be playing PS3/Xbox 360? BluRay/HD TV? If so go for the better one, if not then it's not entirely necessary
I'd only go with the 1080p if you have a 360 or ps3, a blueray player or are considering getting something like sky hd.
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Toshiba 1080p full on HD definition

You should go with this one because evidently it's High Definition Definition... everyone knows that 2 Definitions are better than one.
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If you are going to drop a load of money on a new TV, you might as well go for the best you can afford.
HD ready Tvs are a waste of time, go full. At least then if you decide to sell it and upgrade to a better one you will get a decent amount for it.
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