What is the easiest song to play on an acoustic guitar? Im still learning how to play the guitar and Im looking for an easy song to play. any suggestions??
tom petty and the heartbreakers - free fallin, it's simply a D chord!
seriously, it's the easiest song in the world to play!


there's a varation of an A in there too

or if you want a little more complex (very little)


there's a good video lesson there.
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My frist song was time of your life by greenday. It is great for learning some basic chords; however, the beginning can be a bit tricky but its good practice. And lots of people know and love the song!
try boss dj by sublime, its only 2 chords, G and C, the strumming pattern is all you have to master. easy to sing along with too.
You could try:
Behind blue eyes (the Who)
Lady Jane (Rolling Stones)
House of the rising sun (animals)

Some oldies but goldies
Easiest song to make sound good solo - Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond (search for the TAB on Google) - Chords (All major) - A, D and E - Bring it on!

Also Let it Be - Beatles, reasonably easy and effective chords - typical Beatles.

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Tribute by Tenacious D, really easy and one of the best for starting IMO.
through glass-stone sour

just three chords over and over, and it sounds good
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Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds by The Beatles. Very Simple Song, but also a good one (in my opinion).
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