Recently, I was happily running around. Whilst passing through the front yard, I stepped on something that made my stomach turn over, and caused me to sprint as fast as I could away from it.
I'd trodden on a toad.
It felt like stepping on soap, however it expanded on either side of my foot.

So, what's the worst thing you have ever stepped on?
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I put my foot in a rotting hedgehog thinking it was my slipper.

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I killed a mouse that was inside my room by stepping on it. lol
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A freshly ripped spleen, that had been taken from Batmans stomach, cause he eats spleens in his spare time, as we all know.
ugh!! gross
one time i stepped on a catirpilar, i thought it was just something cold squshing on my foot, until i looked down and saw its green guts daglins dfrom my foot.
For grossness? An evisecerated possum my cats left outside my bedroom door.

The time I stepped on a rusty nail was much worse, though.
My other foot

my life is sad.
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im assuming it was a cane toad,

man you should have licked it, it would have made you high.

Ive stepped on rusty nails, glass and such but nothing realyl out of the ordinary
I stepped in chunky vomit at the fair.

Actually... I slipped in it for a few seconds.

I could see funnel cakes and ham in it.

Of course someone had barfed a little bit on my face before this happened...

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This thread. OH SNAP!

Uh, mate, I'm pretty sure it's bad for your computer screen to step on it.
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a frigin slug barefoot! i felt like blowing chunks when i felt the goo on my foot. lucky my weight killed that motherfu**Er!
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Stepping on a spider is always freaky... especially the big bastards we get down under.

Erm, what else is there....

Stepping on a fish while fishing... That's quite funny depending on what sort of fish (some have spines/venom).
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The Jonas Bros.....They are one helluva pack of greased up mofos.....Bt seriously....I once had to walk through roads with flooded sewage.....
my dad stood on a soldering iron while it was on

then he worked a further 3 weeks in the hot queensland sun without seeing a doctor in big leather boots

as you can guess it was extremely attractive when he returned home to NSW
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an upturned plug

worst pain ever, since i jumped on it from the stairs - had to physically pull it out
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i curb stomped a clitoris...

That made me cringe.

I've never trodden on anything strange before though.
A hacked up jelly fish.....barefoot

I dont want to talk about it
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I stepped and slipped on a possum's entrails that had been exposed from cars running it over. Then I stepped on only what can be described as a baby bird downtown. Not sure how it got there, but the remains were so distorted I couldn't tell what it was.
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an upturned plug

worst pain ever, since i jumped on it from the stairs - had to physically pull it out

This. ****ing hurts
stepped on a small nuke, turns out it was a **** in a bag put on fire. potato potáto
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