Hi there,

I'm new to the site so apologies if this has been posted before (I did do a quick search but couldn't see anything)

I am learning to play on an electro accoustic but the action is quite high so I'm struggling with barre chords. My guitar teacher thinks that shaving a bit off the bridge is the way to go to fix this but I've also been told that adjusting the neck would do the same job. I'm reluctant to start messing with the neck though as it seems a bit dangerous.

Am I worrying needlessly or is lowering the bridge the best way to go?
If you are unsure, you should have some one else do it.

Neck adjustments can help with the action, however, you never adjust a neck solely for action purposes. There should be just a very slight bow to the neck. If it already is like that, I wouldn't do that.

And yes typically, the way to solve a problem of high action is to take off the plastic bridge and just sand it down. You may also sand down the nut as well, depending if that is high too.

Again if you are unsure I wouldn't do anything.
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Thanks for the reply, the neck is slightly bowed and it plays nicely so I diodn't want to mess with the neck really anyway.

I'll definitely get a pro to look at lowering the bridge/nut, attempting it myself is definitely a bad idea!