im looking to buy the MI Audio Crunch Box. This baby takes either a 9v battery or a 9v DC power supply.

Will i electrocute myself lol or fry out the pedal if i used a 9v AC power supply? whats the difference and why did they have to make the pedal DC for?

thanks pit-men
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Don't know if you'll fry anything, but it won't work.
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a.c. stands for alternating current so the current is both positive and negative...
wheras d.c. is direct curent and is either positive or negative not both... the pedal need dc cos it's digital and digital circuits only deal with d.c. voltages due to the way they're designed.... at best if u use the a.c. supply it won't work... bad case scenario is that you blow one or all of the chips which is bad cos that means u'll need a new pedal...

look on ebay they have some mint d.c adapters on there especially ones from pedal boards they work mint...
If it says 9v DC then you better use a DC power supply. Correct polarity filtered power to pedals is critical if you want em to last and keep the noise down. Wrong voltage will generally cause serious problems em as will reverse polarity or using AC when DC is called for. There are tons of threads on here of "I used the wrong supply now my pedal doesnt work, is it fried".