Heya guys. I'm new to UG, but that's not that point, ha. I am looking for a new amplifier, so I was hoping if you guys can help!

I've been playing for about three years or so, and my main influences are mostly in the Thrash Metal and Classic rock genres. -- I play ALOT of deep purple and bad company, but I also need the tone of bands like anthrax, slayer and megadeth, all that thrash goodness. I need an amp that can produce versatile distortion for Classic rock and Thrash metal basically. I most play in front of crowds of about 100-200, so I need something that can be heard over that kind of noise, my drummer is also extremely loud I'm not big on wattage or anything, that's why I need advice as to how powerful my amp should be. I'm not too fussy about the clean sound. -- As long as it can produce a clean sound that doesn't sound ridiculously bad, I'm good.

My budget is around $600, but I can squeeze to a $800 if I have to. If you have any questions regarding my playing etc, please just ask.
If you're playing in front of crowds of 100-200, I'm trusting that you're being mic'ed up and sent to a mixer board, controlled by a sound monkey. If that's the case, wattage shouldn't matter TOO much.. you just need to hear yourself when you're playing. Every one always claims that they ahve the loudest drummer on the planet but angling the amp the right way (or even standing in the right position) will solve the problem of 'hearing yourself'.
That being said.. some recommendations. Over and over, I've recommended the "Orange Tiny Terror". Tiny yes, terror yes. Very cheap little buggers, but can get heaps of tones out of them, but what i did find was that when you crank up the gain, you won't be getting that deep saturated "Metallica during the 80's" sound. But I suppose a pedal could solve that easy.
Hope that helps!
Most of the time I'm mic'd up through a mixer, however there are times when I do a smaller show where I am not mic'd up, so I actually also need an amp that can push out that kind of power over my drummer too. Thanks for the help though!
look for a used marshall JCM800 or JCM900 combo. the 900 will be easier to find cheap, and has more gain even though most people prefer the 800.

EDIT: wow, i've been recomending these amps a lot lately. anyways, just an fyi, i found a jcm900 1x12 combo for around $650 at my local used shop. also, just to verify, your in the US rite?

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Nah, I'm not in the US, I'm in singapore. I can probably find a JCM if I looked hard enough though. Thanks for the advice! There are so many amps out there, and I have no idea which one to choose.