Hello, I played guitar for about 3 years before giving it up for a year. Now I've been playing again for about 3-4 months. I can play lots of open chords, barre chords, power chords with lots of different strumming patterns. I can also play in time. I can do some arpeggios too. I know the shapes of the minor and major scales up the neck, and this week I am about to begin re-learning the theory.

How much more should I know before joining a band? Can you suggest any particular areas/techniques to focus on?

Oh yes one more thing, the band I wanted to join (started by a few friends of mine) plays a similar style of music to grunge. The band's songs have a similar difficulty level and sound to that of Pearl Jam's, Nirvana's, and Mother Love Bone's.
lol, depends what Band..... but aslong as you can play in time, have a fair knowledge and play fairly musically your able to join a band

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I'm not in a band myself and i actually play drums more then guitar, but got the guitar as kind of a 'hobby away from the drums'.. I think it's about what kind of band and what roll you want, 'cause if you want to be rythm i think that playing chords and powerchords is enough (if it's gonna be simpel rock like the older ACDC numbers etc.) but again depending on what you want to play it's different...
The lead would be quite more difficult because of solos and stuff like that.

Hope it was usefull
basically as long as you dont completely suck then you will be okay.

pearl jam is a bit more advanced than nirvana...in fact way more advanced. props dude
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And as YoHendrix said; if your knowledge about music stuff and you can play in time it's great to start up a band
Quote by Zino
And as YoHendrix said; if your knowledge about music stuff and you can play in time it's great to start up a band


Your abilities will improve once you start jamming with other people too
Sadly I can't speak from too much experience as far as playing with a bands, but I think playing in time is the most important thing...the most important after being able to play at all.
It is time. What you don't know you'll learn on the way. If you let the band know what you've told us and they want you in, do it. Have fun!!!
a band can be a great learning process, unless they are lightyears ahead of you but from the music they play doensn't look like it. As long as they don't expect you to rip through all of mccreadys solos. The main thing is you can play in time, and can play all the way through songs without screwin up a lot
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Just have fun with it
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