Hi I've been playing for about 3 months, and i was just wondering what some cool riffs are that aren't too difficult.

example of riffs i can play now, daytripper, start of wish you were here, sunshine of your love. ziggy stardust. These are all easy for me now and I'd like to know some new ones.

Rush "Tom Sawyer"
Ozzy "Crazy Train"
Van Halen version of "You Really Got Me"
AC/DC "Have a Drink on Me"
Led Zepplin "Black Dog"
Eric Clapton "Layla"
ZZ Top "Waitin' on the Bus"
Rolling Stones "Jumping Jack Flash"
Jimmy Hendrix "Purple Haze"
I think the choice of adamLoeke is a bit difficult for a beginner ....

I would suggest easier tunes:
Smoke on the water (deep purple)
Owner of a lonely heart (yes)
Carol (berry)
Dizzy miss lizzy (Beatles)
Satisfaction (Stones)

Good luck
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