Hiya! Im new to this forum, and this is my first post so dont be harsh if i missposted
Anyhow; I like metal, and pref melodic such. Hence i was wondering, how do i get the sound? I dont mean the guitar or amp, just like, what scales and boxes and ectera!
Detuned guitars, pinch harmonics, palm-mutes, pentatonic scales, tapping, and sweeping are all staples in melodic metal.
If you want the "Melodic Metal" Sound...Learn the Harmonic MInor Scales..Natural MInors...Diminished.. the Pentatonic..is okey and used ALOT.. but not very Melodic..
Oh yA..Der..The "Melodic MInor...but if u are new to this..I would suggest learning the Major scale and all of its modes..Someone suggested Sweeping,, well, that is fine,, but in order to sweep , you must learn your Arpeggios....I would suggest learning a little theory...I went the first 15-16 yrs of playing metal all from Tab and by ear ..I learned all my scales from tab books and applied them as best i could, but i never learned REAL theory,,So, i tried to learn and did..It has taken my playing to entirely new hieghts..I have been playing now for almost 27 years and If I had to learn all over again..I would have Learned Theory right at the beggining..If you understand Theory, you can develope great "Melodic' Solos out of any Chord Progressoin..U wil understand and know exactly how and what scales u can use over certain chord progerssions..I would suggest learning "The circle of Fifths"..also, learn your scales by their notes, tones and semi tones, and intervals. instead of by tab..it will open up the entire neck to u...Just a suggestion..Good Luck my friend and happy jamming...
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Detuned guitars are all staples in melodic metal.

De-tuned? Melodic metal?

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De-tuned? Melodic metal?


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This. Does anybody use standard tuning exclusively anymore? Relatively few I believe...
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