show some pics how u hold or keep ur guitars

mine are left in a rack in our studio all lined up beside eachother

This guitar stand has served me well for over a year now.

I've also been looking into attaching a wall hanger to the side of my amp for jam sessions.
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I keep mine in a deep pit in my basement. "It puts the polish on the body or it gets the hose again."

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I keep mine in a deep pit in my basement. "It puts the polish on the body or it gets the hose again."
Keeps in Coffin Case or on Racks.
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right now i always keep my SG in its hardshell when it's not being played. i don't trust guitar stands in dormitories. my acoustic stays in a nylon case cuz that's all i have for it, but it's a low end acoustic which my friend who's just getting into guitar (woot woot) is borrowing till he gets his taylor. and sadly, my arriving LP will have to stay in a softshell case until i can afford a hardshell for it... .

at home i leave my SG on the guitar stand most of the time.
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They're just sitting on individual stands in my practice area right now.
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In "gig bags" on top of my amp leaning into the corner between wall and wardrobe.
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All 5 of them are hanging on my walls in hercules hanging wall posts.
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mine are stacked in gigbags and hardshell cases dotted all around the house..
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