hey guys

out of the blue the other day, my amp (both my marshall and starfire) started kicking out and at first i thought it was my boss mt2 metalzone pedal, but after i switched the cables and used more expensive better cables, it was totally normal.this happened on both my amps.it kicks out and when i turn the volume up to full i can hear a feint distortion sound but hardly any volume.i figured its this one cheap cable coz when i switch cables its fine but when i tried plugging the faulty cable directly into my guitar it works like normal.any idea what maybe causing this?
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maybe it's not making contact in ur pedal.
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i think its the cables but you switched to better ones so youll be fine i had the same problem once i pluged in with sturdier cables and it was all good but just to be safe have someone look at the pedal to be sure
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Are you using planet waves cables? If so, the raised ground part of the plug pushes the connectors on the guitar, effects, amp inputs further back to make a good solid connection with the plug. Over time, the connections in the jacks are pushed back in a way that normal 1/4 plugs don't make contact anymore.
Its definitely your cable dude...cables easily get shorts especially cheap ones the fact that the cable works sometimes is irellavent cuz cables with shorts still make contact every ounce and awhile. If the good cable works with your MT2 then its not the pedal.