1) Peel orange
2) eat insides
3) get the peel
4) rub all over your guitar

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Are you talking about that weird orange paint texture on your overhaul? Cause I thought that was pretty neat.=]

I'm also curious to know how this works.
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Epiphone Les Paul Standard w/ SD Alnico Pro II's
Fender Aerodyne Telecaster & Stratocaster
Marshall JCM 800 4104 combo

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You'll use a lot more paint than you want to, but couldn't you just spray from as far away as possible?
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Spray heavy coats.

You could get experimental and some how try and paint over sand, that would give you a pretty textured effect.

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Spray in a slightly-more-humid area, don't sand well enough between coats, spray heavy coats...

It's not hard to get orange-peel.

And it does look pretty neat. My '83 Peavey is orange-peeled all-over.
I have not tried painting a guitar yet but I know from experience that if you paint with an enamel based paint, let it completely dry and then paint a heavy coat of laquer based paint on top of it the solvent in the laquer will melt the enamel and leave a very ruff orange peel effect when your done. good luck if you ever want to sand it off though.
heavy coats, not the greatest prep work, spray close, dont go too crazy buffing, and if its hanging if it moves or flexes(which i doubt will happen with a guitar). Thats pretty much how it happens on cars.
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In cabinetry we generally try o avoid this but spray a decent coat, while its wet spray another heavy coat in a humid, maybe cold are(heat will evap moisture) and you could always try misting it but would try first approach first
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Heavy coats do not produce orange peel. Heavy coats produce runs. Humid conditions can make it blush, especially with laquer products. If you want orange peel, if you are using a mixed product out of a spray gun, use a fast flash thinner or reducer,and turn the air pressure down. This will make the atomized droplets of paint larger, and due to the faster flash thinner, the droplets won't "flow" completely flat before it dries, producing your textured finish.
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