Ok want to buy an amp just to knock around with. Dont play out now may later, looking at 30 to 50 watts. I play mostly rock,some country. What do you guys think should I get a tube amp like the Valveking with min effects, I can add boxes later or spend a little more and get somethig that has more effects in it??
What's your budget?

The valveking will definitely fit those genre's if you can afford it. They are great little amps, though maybe not the best. If you want effects, I suggest that you get them on pedals or a multi-fx unit like a Line6 POD XT Live....

I highly suggest the 30 or 50 watt combo amp and some stomps, but again, this is dependant on budget.
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Stomp boxes (good quality). When you upgrade your amp you already have your effects. I have played all of my friends modeling amps. I can't stand them. The only one that I would consider would be the Line6 spyder valve. But still....nah....
Quote by Adam Loeke
The only one that I would consider would be the Line6 spyder valve. But still....nah....

WRONG the Line 6 Flextone and Vetta's are terrific modelling amps. They offer quality, good tone and durability...

...so shut up
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Read through the Valveking thread before you buy one.

The problem with the Valveking is, by the time you drop in a new speaker (factory speaker is really bad), new valves, and a few peddles to get the tone you want, you could have bought a better tube amp for the same money.

Awesome, tube pre-amp, great effects, can save two configurations to the amp, its a Vox.

I have the 100watt and it rocks.

You will not be disappointed...also on Vox's website are tons of "tone" recipes.

Have fun
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I think the TS doesn't have an amp yet, so buying a bunch of pedals with nothing to play through may not be an option.

What is your budget and what do you want to play? Shop around. Look up prices online, and test them out at local stores. What about used... would you buy an amp used?
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In the last 10 days, I've gone through a Vypyr tube 60, a Valveking 112, and finally settled on a Vox VT30.

- The Vypyr was awesome, such a great variety of settings and effects. The amp models weren't as varied as they could have been - there were a few clean channels and a lot of heavily distorted channels, with little in between. But mine had the boot problem, which kept getting worse, and I had to return it.

- Then I got the Valveking. That was just a mistake in my circumstances - just practice, not gigging, playing a lot of different styles. I started imagining all the $$$ I would have to spend on pedals to get the range of sounds I had on the Vypyr. Even worse was the lack of headphone jack, which did not score points with the wife (we have kids and I practice a lot after they go to bed). So it went back.

- The VT30 was the perfect fit for me. It has a very large range of tones in the amp models - better than the Vypyr IMO, but maybe a little more limited on the effects than the Vypyr.

The weird thing is, the VT50 was the amp I was leaning towards when I first played amps, but I was lured into the Vypyr because of the tubes and they were nearly the same price. I guess that goes to show you should just play them and go with your gut - the first amp I tried was what I ended up with after returning 2 others (although I got the VT30 - didn't need the extra power, but everything else was the same).
Look for a crate v-series. Discontinued...but very affordable and they sound great. They take pedals well too. I'm not a big fan of the sound of most modeling amps...
A Vypyr 30 and Sampera pedal fits right in your budget. Lots of good tones in a low cost package. As soon as you get into a tube amp with pedals your budget is going to go up dramatically.