I still don’t own an X3L. I’m reading forums, watching videos, listening to samples and basically learning about the product before making my final decision to purchase. Sadly, I can’t really try the product in my music store – they’re all in boxes and for visual display only (very European sale tactics). Anyhow, I don’t think that 10 min of in-store Enter Sweet Child Smoke Brick extravaganza will do this unit any justice.
In the past 10 years I’ve owned a bunch of non-Line6 multi-fx pedals (zooms, korgs, digitech,) and played them in different setups.

Here I’d like to state my conclusions on X3L based on other people’s opinions, experience and my own research:


- Great modeling sounds – some of the best on the market. Probably the strongest point when talking any musical hardware.
- Lots of effects
- Dual tone – fantastic feature
- Online support – sharing patches, recording features etc.
- Ability to update the unit (flash)
- Connectivity
- Price - fair


- Small screen – for that level of editing I really hope it’ll be at least twice as large on the new model.
- Complicated editing – this makes you play with the unit more than playing the guitar.
- No looper
- No phrase trainer for slowing down song parts without changing the pitch – can be easily built on the looper hardware
- No drums/rhythm samples built in
- Known USB issues
- Plastic case
- Gaj-biker design (I think of Rob Halford when I see the unit). I hope they’ll lose the shiny knobs and handles in the future. Just look at the Boss GT units design vise – Star Trek stuff. Love Judas Priest though.

Please comment.

I see the future multi-fx units/workstations built in two parts. The desktop (or amp-top)/ large touch screen/hand operated/ tablet PC like “mothership” unit and a separate foot controller. That way we can use the “motherboards” for most of the time with our PCs and practice and have the gig setup (foot controller) ready when needed. May be even cheaper to build that way. God I’d love to have something like that.
The “been” is absolutely out of question (design and interface vice).

I own an X3L, and I couldn't be happier. All the "pros" that you listed I completely agree with, but some of the "cons" I would have to disagree with.

-Small screen: I thought the exact same thing before getting mine, but to tell you the truth, once you get the movement down, it is very fast... but thats not even the best part.

By purchasing the X3L, you get a downloadable copy of the Line 6 software "Gearbox". Gearbox(or POD farm if you prefer) is an extremely intuitive GUI for editing amp models and patches loaded into your X3L.

When you open gearbox with your X3L connected, a separate window comes up showing every patch that is currently loaded in your unit. You can move those patches around by simply clicking and dragging. In addition, you can save and load entire X3L bundles at a time, which is great for backing up your settings or demoing downloaded bundles.

The only thing that the X3L lacks (and this is all Line 6 units) is an effective harmonization/synth effect. They aren't polyphonic, and they just don't sound great.

Even still, the X3L sounds ****in awesome, and while it doesn't have all the bells and whistles (looping, harmonizers, drum/bass samples, etc..), I think it is the most effective unit for getting amazing guitar tones.

And I actually like the look of the X3L >.> ...

I have a short clip of one of my presets in my profile, but I will try to upload some others soon. Also, if you decide to get it, I have 5 or 6 great sounding bundles that I can send to you. PM me if you have any more questions.
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Thanks man. I'll drop you a line once I get it. I'm also checking the line6 X3L forums.
I have both the X3L and a GNX4. I get more use out of the GNX4 because it's a workstation with drums, MP3 backing tracks, looper, and 8 track recorder. The GNX4 can map the onboard flash drive to a drive on your computer. The GNX4 has extensive filtering options on both the amp and cabinet modeling. However I don't believe it has a phrase trainer either. The best phrase trainer out there is Amazing Slowdowner software.

Both the GNX4 and the X3L have great software for parameter configuration.
Before I answer that question I should sit down with both units on the same amp. The X3 seems easier to get a good tone without as much tweaking as the GNX4. So I would give the nod to sound quality to the X3. But I've really never compared them straight up together. I actually use the GNX4 much more because of the 8 Track recorder features.

If I said the GNX4 was better sounding I'd probably have a mob trying to lynch me. But I don't really think that you can go wrong with the GNX4 if you see value in the workstation feature set it has but the X3 doesn't.