how easy is it to bend on a bass, compared to a guitar? Lets stay on some medium strings a guy can bend 3 semi tones on guitar, how much can he on bass and how much do they bend while playin
I play with ernie ball super slinkys usually, and I can get between a full tone and 1 1/2 steps, depending on where i'm bending.
Medium gauge though probably 1/2 tone to a full tone depending on where you do it and how you're tuned.
Depends on how tight your strings are. If you're tuned to Drop B on a standard length neck, they will be incredibly easy. If you're at C standard (CFA#D#G#) on a long scale with heavy gauge, it will be tighter and perhaps harder. I don't think it is any more difficult to bend on a bass than it is on a guitar (though it might take more strength on bass, but not much more)
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I've noticed i seem to have to bend farther on bass to get the same pitch change as on guitar. It probably has to do with string tightness. not sure though.
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