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My hair is much too thick
47 27%
My hair is a little too thick
43 25%
My hair is just the right thickness
48 28%
My hair is a little too thin
30 17%
My hair is much too thin
21 12%
My hair is too wavy
47 27%
My hair is too curly
43 25%
My hair is too straight
32 19%
My hair is too frizzy
25 15%
My hair is just the right straightness / curliness / frizinesss
54 31%
Voters: 172.
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Poll above. Seeing as my hair has got significantly thinner over the past 18 months or so (and I'm still in my teens ffs!) I thought I'd see what the Pit monkeys think of their hair.

BTW, the poll options don't include long / short because your hair length is very easy to fix.
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its k

ill be loosing it soon though i think..
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oh yeah
It's ok, i'm getting sick of it now though, it's too long. It keeps going everywhere and it gets trapped under my arm when i'm sleeping and I nearly tear my scalp off when I roll over

I want to get it cut but i'm not sure what I want to go for.
Kinda, I'm getting a haircut soon.
It's a little too thick and it's DEAD straight. I also don't like the colour but I refuse to dye it.
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Its too thick and seriously needs thinning out. Getting it cut on the weekend though. At least an inch off the back.
I'm appreciating what I've got while I've got it.
It's a dead certainty that I'll be bald before too long.
I hope it doesn't seem, like I'm young, foolish, and green.
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When it gets to a certain length it gets far too curly which is why I need an inch or more cut off the bottom to straighten it up a bit.
Well, it's there. It's not bad, per se. Just inconvenient. I'd probably rather be bald than have hair, really.
My hair's a lil' too thick, but if it went thin I wouldn't like it, so I guess the thickness isn't bad.
It's also a lil too wavy in that, when it gets touched by a slight breeze it waves up horribly. But if I sort my hair out in the morning, how it looks then in the mirror can be awesome.
I had it long and now it's short and looks a lot better imo, so I like the length but I need it thinning out and a little bit of length taken off
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My hair is just the right thickness for how I like it. Big. I have very thick hair and I like my hair big, big enough for it to have its own gravitational pull so that lesser beings with lesser hair orbit it.

But it is a little too wavey/curley, i need to straighten the backs/sides and fringe for nights out.
It's short at the moment. I like to let it grow, but then it gets on my nerves.
It's too wavey.

I have straighteners that I can use.
It's my best physical attribute
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I like mine although i'm afraid i won't have any hair in a few years. i'm starting to lose it and i'm only in my teens
only thing wrong with my hair is that it'll probably fall out when I'm like 20 because
it already gets thinner in the corners of my forehead
My hair is me.
I'm that dude with the fro.
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its immense
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I hate my hair, everyone always has something to say about it.
"Oh hey (insert name) i saw you driving by yesterday, oh well i just saw your hair"
Whenever I see any old relative (most of my aunts and uncles hate me i think....dont really care about that)
"So whats this hair style called?" snickering
And the usual
"You remind me of someone....oh yeah Marge from the simpsons....oh no wait is it Gerald from hey arnold?"
Aliadiere - sadly has more syllables than goals this season."
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I have a cowlick, but now that I'm growing my hair out I've reached a stage where my hair looks awesome. Soon it will look crappy again...
I love my hair! It's always totally wild, frizzy and curly but I really couldn't care less!
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I'm pretty sure I'm balding at 16 and have heavy bangs to cover that **** up but w/e...
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mines a bit too thick but i dont mind that.. but its too wavy so i cant really grow it long, it just gets thick rather than lengthy... :/
**** you, my hair is perfect. I clicked every other box.
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Like how thick it is, but I'm not sure of the length. I like it long, but I want it shorter too, but it's so much easier to headbang with long hair...
Mine needs to grow a little bit to give it some weight. Sometimes I wake up and look like this and there's no fixing it: <( ; _ ; )>
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