Hi there. Im looking to get new strings for my electric and acoustic guitars. Apparently i should only be looking at medium gauge strings as this is how the head is set (or something like that) But if not then any strings suitable for me.

For the electric i'd prefer strings which have the same gauge as my current ones (this is the factory strings coming with a Standard Squier Tele) My price budget for the electric is about 5-10 pounds. I play standard Rock and Indie. Hendrix, RHCP, Jeff Buckley, The Cure and Pixies. That kind of thing

For the acoustic i'll stretch up to 15 pounds if its worth it. I'd prefer strigns where barre chords are relatively easy to play (i've been playing for 1.5 years) My current ones are ok but i struggle to get each note sounding on the high up barre chords. I play mainly Elliott Smith and Neil Young, that type of music, and write my own songs in those genres.

The other thing is that my acoustic is kind of mashed up at the moment. When i play high up notes, say on the 10th and 12th frets, the sound doesnt resonate properlly and is entirely distorted, it sounds like your hitting a completely dud note even when your not (sounds way worse then just miss fingering a note) I've heard getting new strings will fix this, but even if it doesnt i need new strings for my acoustic anyway!

Thanks for any help

Jeff Buckley

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I'd prefer ones that last a decent amount of time, i'm looking on a website and a D'aggrio strings good? Does DR stand for anything
Jeff Buckley

slinkies last just as long as dr.

plz :P
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What about my acoustic strings, and the problem im having with it
Jeff Buckley

Im gonna go ahead and get D'adrgios (?) regular gauge for both my electric and acoustic
Jeff Buckley