Hey all.

So i did this like tonight/last night whatever.
Short little clip of just the intro of Alaska by Between The Buried and Me.

pretty sloppy but i wanted to put it up quick for a band i am trying to get into.
Ill probably re-do it and also do the Selkies solo aswell so subscribe if you wanna hear that.

Yeah any crit would be great, ESPECIALLY on my technique, any part of my technique i could improve etc.
So yeah any crit is greatly appreciated.

CLICK for youtube

Rate and comment on it if you like.

Thanks for critting my song.

Damn dude, that was **** hot playing, amazing dude, the sweeps were really clean and only had a bit of mistakes, the only thing you should work on is the tone but it's probably lacking because of the recording quality.

pretttyy good
the sweeps were nice, just around like 15 seconds in sounded like a bit of mistake and your tonee sounded a bit weird but greatt
nice job man thats a tough one, and you nailed it. Thats probably the only good alaska intro on youtube.
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You need some mids and lows or a camera that can pick them up. The execution isn't bad, but it sounds weird by itself.
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pretty good stuff. a few missed notes here and there but you can deff iron them out with just a little more practice. nice cover

On technique -- the most I can point out is the tapping. Keep your hand closer to the strings. Like just slide over them. More economic movement


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sweet stuff man and thanks for the crit on my solo, I know about the timing issue but I only realised after I posted the vid =/ oh well, will work on that xD

about ur cover, played very clean, didn't miss any timing unlike me lol, the only thing is more in the end, it sounds a bit rushy for a few seconds and it sounds like you miss some notes, but other than that it was perfect!
I thought it was very good, I can't play that for ****!

So you're awesome to me.

Though I'm not gonna lie, There obviously are better and perfect covers out there, but from what i can see if you re-did it you'd probably fix the little mistakes you made.