Can the valveking 112 do metal? How is it for bedroom playing with really quiet volume. Should i crank it to get distortion? at .5 volume how does it sound?
for metal on a valveking you need pedals. but you can do a really good job for metal with pedals on it so its a good investment. its fine at bedroom levels and it can be loud too
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depends on what type of metal sound you are going for, but genreally no it can't do metal very well, unless you use pedals, and even then there are better options out there.
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I own a VK112... It's actually pretty good for harder stuff like metal (and i have to say that i play in a metal band...) The only thing that sucks is, that the 112 has just a 16ohm jack (and it's not that easy to find a 412 cab that also has 16 ohm)...

i would suggest the 212, because you can add any cab you want to (4, 8, 16 ohms) and it has a presence knob which the 112 doesn't have.

For bedroom it might be too loud,... clean it sounds okay if you play it in the bedroom but distorted, it will sound like a chainsaw...

hope i could help you
yes, it can. i have a vk112 and it's good. the distortion channel is pretty good but you might want a pedal for high gain. anyway yes it can, it's pretty good at it
in order to underline what i've said:

my gain knob is at something like half past 10 (boosted) and it's higain...

if i don't boost it, i have to go to something like 2 - 3 o'clock to make it scream...

give it a try, it's a good amp for the price... otherwise check out the bugera amps... i think they are in the same price category...
Go here and read up on it... https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=969296&highlight=valveking

The end result is yes it can, but out of the box it sounds horrid and takes a few tweaks, tips, tricks and upgrades to get it up to that playing field. So your better off getting something more geared towards metal from the get go if that is your main ambition.
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