Yeah, I'm not sure what to call it either. It took me a second listen to appreciate the bass in B. (I thought it was utterly ridiculous the first time around. I think there has to be some sort of vocalization above it or something.) I like the solo parts, they aren't too complicated or anything. I also like the parts later in the song where it just feeds back and goes to the faster riff.

How are you supposed to hit all of those notes on the bass slaps, literally slap all of the strings with your hand?
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Thanks for the crit! To be honest, I don't have very much to say, it's a little over my head really
The riffs were quite interesting and made the song heavy as ****, which of course is awesome My favourite would be C1, it just has a nice sound to it. Also, the bass is excellent throughout the whole song, especially at B1. Solo is great, very atmospheric. The only thing i dislike in the song is A1. It's a good riff by itself, but it's too fast for the song and reapeted too many times.

A short crit for a short crit?

Cheers mate