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Switch fork to right hand
4 19%
Just use knife in right hand
17 81%
Voters: 21.
The lefty thread made me think of something I've noticed about left handed people.

So here's the question :

For those of you who eat left-handedly (fork in the left hand), if you needed to cut something, do you just put the knife in your right hand, and cut like that?

Right handed people always seem to switch the fork to their left hand, and cut with their right hand.

Every left-handed person I've asked has said that they just use the knife in their right hand.

So it would seem that left handed people have overall better use of their right hand, while right handed people really can't do much with their left hand.
Fork in left hand knife in right hand.
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Knife in right.

Feels more natural.

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Fork in the left, knife in the right...why switch? even right handed people I know cut with their left.
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It's all about the left.

Right handed people use the left side of the brain. Left handed people use the correct side of the brain.
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im right handed and i cut with right and fork in left (all the time, if there is no knife i still use left hand to eat).
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im right handed and i always switch the knife to my right hand. it just feels better.
I have no opinion on this matter.
Left hand for fork and right hand for knife.
I also play a righty guitar even though I'm a lefty. Although the whole reason for that is because I didn't have enough money to buy a lefty guitar when I bought my first guitar.