I'm (sort of) new to guitar, I've had one for about 2 years now (Schecter Hellraiser C-1) but I've always had a really hard time picking it up and learning. I've always wanted to learn to play, but it's difficult to teach yourself, as I cant really take lessons right now.

Anyway, the biggest problem that I've had is that I haven't been able to find a song that I could learn as an absolute beginner, everything that I look at seems too complicated and I get frustrated with it and stop, while on the other hand I can play scales and exercises, but it quickly becomes tedious and is generally unsatisfying.

The point that i'm getting to is that today, while searching the forums here for something completely unrelated, I came across a thread which mentioned video game music, which I'd never thought about playing before, but I love a lot of classic video game themes. Since I started looking up tabs for them (at www.gametabs.com) I've managed to play my first entire song, which is fantastically satisfying compared to a single riff here and there.

So if you're also a beginner who's having a hard time finding something to play, and want something to keep you motivated, I would suggest checking them out.
Congrats dude its always cool when you can play a song that you really like it makes you want to play more
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Good stuff mate, iv'e heard about this gametabs stuff. Might have to give it a butchers.

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good job,keep playing
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Game tabs ey?

Well, whatever floats your boat I guess.

Lol, I'm just saying, it's an easy place to get started for beginners like me.
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Lol, I'm just saying, it's an easy place to get started for beginners like me.

Hey I didn't say it was bad.

Hell, I might even check out some of those tabs later.
keep it up, once you slack off and stop practeing, you're done. (Zakk Wylde)
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